"Male sex robots to replace men as women leave loveless relationships to fulfil desires"

Article here. Excerpt:

'Business owners at sexdolls.com told Daily Star Online that realistic male sex dolls have surged in popularity.

Women, gay men and couples have been snapping up the life-like toys in a bid to satisfy their fantasies.
In the future, those who are tired of dating, or who have unfulfilling love lives, may swerve traditional romance in favour of realistic sex toys.

The experts at sexdolls.com add: “Regards ditching relationships, I'm sure that most women would only ditch an unhappy relationship in favour of a sex doll or robot…

“I can't see them replacing men in the bedroom totally, but sex dolls and robots can provide emotional and physical attraction which may work for a lot of lonely women.”'

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... when men get alternatives to women, ppl shit themselves, esp. women. When women get alternatives to men, it's either celebrated or you get crickets.

The one thing many women want the most from men, ie, financing, can't be replaced by robots though.

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robots and such to fund their many, many (shoeish) fetishe$.

they control the court$, or haven't u been to family -divorce court, or civil court, or criminal court (etc.) yet?

also, might I remind the viewers that women's sex toys have been found in several very ancient dig sites? I said many years ago that as soon as robotic sex playmates for men became more advanced and threatened women's grip on men's finance$, women would attempt to outlaw these sexual alternatives. not hard to predict greed.

one thing hardly anybody (except the Bible) predicted was how much communications would increase, thereby allowing working man to start understanding what the leeches were planning for us while we slaved to support them.

for example, few working men realize just how few rights they still have until some feminist trained judge dispenses 'justice' by automatically giving the gold mine in a divorce base entirely on gender. just about every one-sided judgement results in more MGTOW. our job/obligation to our families and society is wake the rest up to the scam being run in those judicial 'towers of babel'.

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