When in doubt, complain of mansplaining

Article here. Excerpt:

'STILL six weeks to go, but already we have a strong candidate for most misandrist television appearance of the election campaign. Part of a trio being interviewed by Sky’s Adam Boulton, Labour MP Catherine West repeatedly resorted to the feminist accusation of ‘mansplaining’ to silence her male opponent scornfully.

A dictionary definition of ‘mansplaining’ is: ‘When a man condescendingly lectures a woman on the basics of a topic about which he knows very little under the mistaken assumption that she knows even less.’ Of course such supercilious behaviour is not unique to men; certainly, UK politics does not lack for disdainful dames. However, Catherine West appears to be under the misapprehension that a mansplainer is any male who does not simply shut up and listen to her.

Demonstrating that gender trumps all her other considerations, here Catherine West even brings in Tory ERG member Maria Caulfield rather than allow the Greens’ Jonathan Bartley to disagree with her: ‘Let Maria speak, stop mansplaining!’'

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Whenever a woman accuses a man of "mansplaining" (notice the use of square quotes since I do not want to dignify the concept by even entertaining it), she is guilty of femplaining.

Femplaining: when a woman makes a frivolous complaint of unequal treatment.

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