UK: Labour MP repeatedly accuses Green Party co-leader of mansplaining and confuses everybody

Article here. Excerpt:

'As election campaigning kicks off, the political stage is heating up and Labour politician Catherine West accused Green party co-leader Jonathan Bartley of “mansplaining” – much to people’s confusion.

The pair appeared on Sky News yesterday where they discussed Labour’s green vision, with Catherine arguing that leader Jeremy Corbyn was green “before the greens existed” because he rode a bike and had an allotment.
"It’s got to be more than allotments. Let’s look at the facts, in 2017" –

At this point the Green party co-leader was interrupted by West accusing him of mansplaining.

"John could you stop mansplaining, this is the first day of the election and Adam has asked me to respond and if you continue to mansplain then I’ll have to complain."

Jonathan responded:

"Please don’t resort to sexism when we’re trying to have a conversation" –

Again he was interrupted:

-"Well could you stop mansplaining I’ve asked you three times.

Now can I just continue on that point Adam. I was so rudely interrupted by my colleague."

Mansplaining is a term used to describe when a man comments on or explains something to a woman in a condescending, and often inaccurate or oversimplified manner.'

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I've noticed in the UK, female pols from Labour seem to have gotten into the habit of bludgeoning men who disagree with them with "mansplaining" as an accusation. This is really nothing but a bold-faced attempt to shut down any criticism a man may have of a woman's position and further polarizes politics into gender classes (female: liberal; male: conservative) vs. ideological or policy classes or positions.

They would not be doing it if it were not so effective at knocking male UK pols back on their heels. US male pols either are not intimidated by it (possibly because they know it for what it is) or instead have to deal with accusations of "sexism" whenever a female pol is either called out for her errors (eg: the recent case of former Rep. Hill) or he just plain disagrees with her. Fortunately, these tactics don't seem too effective really here in the US.

I wonder how effective Labour will be if they continue down the "you're mansplaining" road of tactics for argumentation?

My guess, based on the tweets published in the article, is not too very.

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Mansplaining is making a cogent argument based on reason, logic, and evidence.

Women hate it when men mansplain.

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