Katie Hill’s Resignation Saved Her from Facing #MeToo Law She Claimed to Champion

Article here. Excerpt:

'Hill — an outspoken critic of Justice Brett Kavanaugh and a married women who claims to be bisexual — resigned suddenly last Sunday after naked photographs of her and a female campaign staffer and rumors of a sexual relationship with a Congressional aide surfaced.

Hill said her estranged husband, who also was in a three-way relationship with Hill and the campaign staffer, provided those “revenge porn” photographs to the media.

Ironically, Hill departed before she could have faced scrutiny under new laws Congress put in place in the wake of the #MeToo scandals of recent years that led to a number of members of Congress stepping down after sexual misconduct allegations were lodged against them — all of them men.'

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you are always supposed to believe what ANY woman says.

gosh, the censorship on sites like bb is getting really bad.
ANYTHING that can be construed at be against women, minorities or the left is getting deleted on all the big sites online.

marxism is spreading like a cancer. their plan is finally working.

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