Katie Hill sex case: #MeToo advocates hold their fire

Article here. Excerpt:

'The House Ethics Committee is investigating Southern California Rep. Katie Hill over allegations that she engaged in a sexual relationship with a member of her congressional staff — and #MeToo advocates who helped push through reforms in response to high-profile incidents of harassment say it’s time to let the new processes play out.

It’s largely conservatives who are calling for action now against Hill, a Democrat from Santa Clarita (Los Angeles County) who ousted a Republican congressman in 2018. Advocates of sex harassment victims are emphasizing the need for investigation and avoiding focusing on the salacious details of the case, including nude photographs of Hill with a campaign aide that found their way to media sites.

“I’m an advocate for a process. And the process isn’t done in the media,” said Amy Oppenheimer, an attorney who was hired by the Legislature to investigate harassment complaints in Sacramento during the #MeToo scandals.

“She admitted some behavior, she denied other behavior. People deserve a fair and private process when they are accused of things that would violate rules or ethics or laws,” Oppenheimer said. “And it needs to be done by somebody who doesn’t have a dog in the fight.”'

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Not to me.

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Seems #metoo wears rose colored glasses

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but not for thee.

odd how #metoo

rhymes with freebee.

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