A 15-Year-Old Girl Was Suspended For "Bullying" After Saying There Was A Rapist In Her High School

Article here. Excerpt:

'Those words, handwritten on a sticky note and posted in a high school bathroom, have led to a Maine teenager getting suspended — not the alleged rapist, but the 15-year-old girl who wrote the note.

Aela Mansmann, a sophomore, was suspended from Cape Elizabeth High School on Friday for "bullying" because she posted the note, which did not name anyone as an accused rapist.
It all started in September when Aela said she'd gotten "pretty fed up" with the amount of sexual assault and harassment her classmates were facing, apparently without consequences for the perpetrators.

So she and a friend put up that sticky note. Soon after, many more students posted similar notes in the bathroom speaking about their stories of sexual violence at the hands of classmates.

Aela's note was not about one singular, specific rapist, she said.

"It was really addressing the general culture of our school, and keeping in mind several specific cases," she said. "But there are so many it's hard to pinpoint just one and advocate for just one of them."

Later that day, school administrators called her into the office and launched an investigation into the sticky notes, she said.'

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... did the same thing but instead said "there's a fat pig in the school..." he would not/should not get into trouble for bullying?

Sending out gender-specific insults or insinuations is indeed bullying... of a general sort but bullying nonetheless.

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