Conservative women’s group on removing photos of male scholars: ‘We don’t have to erase men’ for female success

Article here. Excerpt:

'But Network of Enlightened Women President Karin Lips told Campus Reform that the success of young women is not dependent upon the presence or absence of portraits of men.

“In fostering an environment where everyone has equal opportunity to achieve their dreams, we should be careful not to erase history,” Lips said. “For women to succeed, we don't have to erase men or their past achievements.”

George Washington University professor Jonathan Turley also weighed in on the issue in a column for The Hill, writing, "for most of us, the obvious message is that these individuals achieved the highest honors in their fields, and the significance is neither their race nor their gender but their intellect...All those portraits represent the greatest among us as intellectuals. To see only their race and gender is not just backlash against intellectual achievement but can be itself a form of racial and gender bias."'

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destroying men is the only way for women to match men.

1. can't get that promotion? just file false accusations of sexual harassment.

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3. prof not letting your affirmative action status count for better or passing grades? just a spoonful of sexual assault make the professor go way, the prof go away, the prof go way.

its like magic.

on the lighter side, did anyone else notice the latest 'global warming' crew having to be airlifted to safety (just like in 2014) when their ship got stuck in ice that wasn't supposed to be there? these progs really are fun to watch once u figure out they are just clueless clowns.

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