NZ: All Blacks coach Steve Hansen sparks criticism by claiming domestic violence 'not a gender thing'

Article here. Excerpt:

'“Having been a policeman I've seen a lot of this... and I know it's not just restricted to the male - women assault males. It's not a gender thing.

“[There are] two types... one, where you have a control freak, male or female...” Mr Hansen said about domestic violence while defending Reece's selection.
Ang Jury, chief executive of the New Zealand Women’s Refuge hit out at Hansen’s comments.

“He's referring to ideas that are old, debunked, based on his experience as a police officer some 20-odd years ago,” she told The AM Show.

The evidence that domestic violence in New Zealand is largely perpetrated by men is unequivocal, Ms Jury said.

“It's a gendered problem that New Zealand has. There is no statistic available that demonstrates anything other than that,” she added. “It would be disingenuous of me to suggest that women can't be violent... of course they can. But we know that women are hurt more often, they're hurt more seriously and they fear their partners more than men do."'

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... more than the truth about something.

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but nothing pisses of marxist feminists more than the truth about something.

just saw on the news where another whacked out black fem dem congress-critter said she was going to see people who criticize congress online go to jail. yeah, its commie stuff. like I said, fem's make good little commies. they have always been crazy about o.p.s., also know as free stuff. its only free loopy until they run out of o.p.s. congress? what's NOT to criticize? room full of fat cat lawyers and people expect something good from it? what a bunch of maroons.

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Not only is it "not a gender thing" but domestic violence is not 'gender-based' as the UN feminists are gradually indoctrinating the world to believe.

To label is as such not only misses the high proportion of violence in lesbian relationships (around three times greater than in heterosexual relationships) but fails to address much of the complex psychology behind disfunctional relationships.

Then again, feminists earn so well from domestic violence that I don't suppose they really want to 'solve' it at all. Certainly they seem to go out of their way to encourage the intergenerational aspect of violence, assuring themselves of continued millions every year.

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