Trump accuser's book asks "What are men for?"

Article here. Excerpt:

'“What Do We Need Men For?” is more than male bashing, but it’s certainly that; it’s also a story of a spirited woman with an indomitable personality and a zest to get on with it that’s refreshing in this age of victimization and self-analysis.
Carroll sets out the purpose of her book on Page 1: “The whole female sex seems to agree that men are becoming a nuisance with their lying, cheating, robbing, perjuring and assaulting . . . and so on.” So Carroll offers a Modest Proposal: that we kill men and extract their chemical elements and sell them. It’s a satirical proposition, with a wink to Jonathan Swift, that sets Carroll on an investigation that frames the book and gives it its title: She will find out what, if anything, men are for.

To that end, in October of 2017, she set off in her Prius (nicknamed Miss Bingley; see "Pride and Prejudice") with her poodle, Lewis Carroll. Her stops are American towns named for women, most of which are in the Midwest and the South: Elnora, Ind.; Florence, Ala.; Marysville, Ohio, are three. "I will only eat in cafes named after women, listen to music sung by women, drink wines named after women, read books written by women, and wear clothes designed by women," she tells us. As she drives across the country, she will be keeping a list: The Most Hideous Men of My Life List (we already know the biggest name on it). It's a lark that's both darkly humorous and deadly serious. Sometimes, it can be hard to tell the difference. Regardless, she's both having fun and spitting angry.'

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Kant already answered this question. The question from men's POV is "What are women for?" I have that answer: fucking. They're here for us men to fuck.

Now they can do other things of all kinds when not fucking. But those things, while nice, don't really do much for men since we already got all the major bases covered and have for lit. 10s of 1000s of years. But ultimately the only reason the sexes exist is to fuck each other.

Having offspring used to be part of that too but lately has fallen out of scope. Some women have kids but most now don't.

I hope I have addressed this highest of existential questions.

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