I'm All For Feminism, But We Need A Men's Rights Manifesto

Article here. Excerpt:

'If you want a place where you can wail about how awful men are, and beg for forgiveness for all the atrocities committed by men, look elsewhere. An AMRA recognises that men have done, and continue to do, awful things: this movement isn’t about beating ourselves up over what other men have done, it’s about looking for positive ways to make men better going forward.
An AMRA cares for men who are unhappy, unwell or struggling in life, and recognises that often the challenges confronting men are downplayed or disregarded by society at large. AMRAs want to change that.
Anyone can be an AMRA -- there is no sex, gender, sexual preference, race, religion or background that disqualifies one from joining the AMR. We welcome everyone -- all that is required is a belief that there are issues that disproportionately affect men, and a desire to help.'

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Good luck to him!

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The only political party in the English-speaking world to specifically stand up for the rights of men and boys already has a manifesto. Although it is specific to the UK, the Justice for Men & Boy's 2015 manifesto is a model for all other nations. It covers 20 areas identified as key issues. 17 of the 20 are applicable in most countries, the remaining 3 are applicable only to some.

Note that most issues that need addressing for men and boys have arisen as a result of feminist policies. When attempting to correct injustices, or to get equality for men, feminist individuals and feminist organisations will resist, sometimes with violence. It is impossible to be "all for feminism" and yet want equal human rights for men and boys.

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