White knighting leads to tragedy in Florida

Article here. White knighting leads more often to tragedy than resolution. A couple can have an argument, and that's OK. I have to wonder if this guy was taught by feminists to intervene in any argument between a man and woman? Excerpt:

'A man who was punched unconscious at a Miller's Ale House restaurant earlier this week died Wednesday after being taken off life support, according to his wife.

Deputies said 28-year-old Benjamin Hernandez Jr., of Sebring, heard 51-year-old Srikanth "Shrik" Srinivasan and his wife arguing Tuesday night at the patio bar of the Miller's Ale House on West Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway and confronted the man about how he was acting toward his wife.

When the man said something to Hernandez, Hernandez punched him in the face, knocking him down and causing him to hit his head on the floor, the man's wife told deputies.

Witnesses said Hernandez then tried to leave the restaurant, but the man's wife screamed for someone to stop him while she waited with her husband, according to the report. Hernandez then returned to his seat and waited for deputies to arrive.'

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read today where one woman causing a man's death due to a false allegation was on $150 bond. that'll send a message!

no punishment = no crime. men are disposable.

who would have thought so many guys were so willing to serve women w/o a thought for truth or their own freedom? I will call it mangina dystopia. a medical problem caused by prolonged bending and scraping. very deadly.

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