Carol Roth: Dear militant feminists, stop messing it up for the rest of us

Article here. Excerpt:

'A restaurant serving women first is a sign of class, elegance and respect. If you are offended by that, have a hard think about why you are so angry.
To dote on a woman and to raise her up on a pedestal is a signal of respect, not a reflection of inferiority. While it may be a distinction, it’s not a discrimination, as it certainly doesn’t hold a woman back. And, while you may not want a man to offer up his seat on the bus while you show your grit and determination to stand, I would welcome the gesture, after a long day in four-inch heels, even if I ultimately turned it down.

I appreciate the fact that when the Titanic sunk, the women and children were allowed off first, and would appreciate the same courtesy today.

I am glad I was never eligible for the draft. I appreciate when a man across the aisle of the plane lets me go first vs. the ones that jockey with me for position -- or worse, hit me in the head fighting to be the first to get their luggage down. I even give bonus points to the men that offer to take my luggage down for me, almost always responding with a thank you and “I am glad to see that chivalry is not dead.”'

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I posted this to show how a supposed conservative/traditionalist woman of today thinks: cake, and eat it, too. Chivalry vis-a-vis the sexes, and "manners", as she discusses, were invented in a different time and for reasons associated with that time. That time is gone. The basis for these values no longer exists. But as you can see, because it stokes her ego and gives her privileges and rights men don't have, she still wants it.

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many, many seats on lifeboats on the Titanic were vacant. orders were that no men (except crew) be allowed to board partly empty lifeboats, and so it was NO men were allowed to be saved, even thought there was room for a lot of them. privileged average white men have never mattered much.

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