India: Delhi gov't proposes fare-free subway transport for women

Article here.
Delhi government wants to provide free public transport for women, because they want to ensure safety for women. Why are they not providing free public transport for men, to ensure safety for men? This is as sexist and anti-men, as it can get. Poor men now have to pay the fare for rich women. Men, it's time to unite, boycott this sexist and anti-men AAP party (and it's leaders) and defeat it in the coming election. Excerpt:

'Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Monday announced free metro and bus rides for women commuters, in a bid to make public transport safer for them. Coming barely six months before the elections, the proposal has shocked many including citizens and politicians.

Kejriwal first hinted at such a plan on Saturday and ever since then, social media has been rife with debate over the issue. In fact, the announcement evoked an array of reactions. However, the best ones came from Bollywood director Pritish Nandy and the Congress-spokesperson-turned politician Priyanka Chaturvedi.'

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