Florida teacher faces sentencing after 'affair' with student

Article here.  Excerpt:

'Suzanne Owen faces sentencing and could get life prison after she pleaded no contest, to a charge of sexual activity with a child.

The married 36-year-old seduced the teen as the two began exchanging text messages at Evangelical Christian School in Fort Myers, Florida.

He was in her Spanish class and was 17-years-old when the affair began.
She was charged under Florida laws which make it illegal for a person who has "custodial authority" to have sex with someone between the ages of 12 and 17.

Her lawyers attempted to get her off by arguing the her and the boy were not at school, so she didn’t have authority – but the judge threw out the claim.'

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a hot teach had an affair w/ a much younger kid in her class? the judge said she was too pretty to go to jail. when she went back for extra helpings the judge was forced to act. on the plus side, if she is pregnant the kid will be off the hook since she is married w/ kids. the hubby will be happy to support somebody else's kid(s). why else would guys agree to such a one-sided contract? a married guy I was reading about in tex had to support 3 of her b.f.'s kids, + she got custody of their daughter as well. however, the divorce lawyers really liked the poor guy's bass boat. oh, and her b.f. got his truck and moved into his old house too. see, everybody wins w/ amerikan justice. well, almost everybody. sadly, the 3 small boys in tex lost their dad as a result of this extramarital disaster. see what happens when u disregard the 'precepts of law'?

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