An elderly man is dead after a young woman makes false accusation of sexual assault against him

Article here. Excerpt:

'An unnamed 16-year-old teenager called her 17-year-old brother and told him that an elderly man sexually assaulted her on a bus. The teen said that the man — later identified as Michael Fife — assaulted her while the two were riding a city bus.

Just minutes after hearing about the alleged incident — which took place in April — the teen's brother tracked Fife down when the bus made a stop and Fife got off.

According to a news release by the Logan City Police Department, the teen's brother rushed Fife, assaulting him, and knocking him to the ground.

Chief Gary Jensen with the Logan City Police Department told KSTU-TV that the teen's brother rushed Fife in "[k]ind of a linebacker-type charge."
Later that same night, the teenage girl phoned police to report a sexual assault. However, when authorities reviewed surveillance footage from the bus, it was apparent that no sexual assault occurred.

Just four days later, Fife died of his injuries.'

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One thing I've learned about females: they lie. All the time. Little white lies, big lies, whatever. Billy Joel sang about how honesty was so hard to find. His inspiration was his love life.

Remember this story guys whenever you get a white knight opportunity. The most innocent-looking and -acting of woanhood can straight-facedly lie about sexual assault to their own brothers for whatever reason and are fine with it.

Men lie too, btw. Just not quite as much as women and usually about different things. :)

The human race is profoundly disappointing.

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