College Democrats faces criticism over its new executive board

Article here. Excerpt:

'A few social media users pointed out that the new leadership team of the student organization is comprised of an all-female, all-white team and criticized the appearance of a lack of ethnic and gender diversity within the group. Those criticisms led OUCD president-elect Meah McCallister to publish a response on Twitter addressing the issue.

“The reason why people are angry is because men are not included, but if the executive board was comprised of entirely white men, those people would not be making the same comments,” McCallister said. “Privilege shouts for privilege when privilege is left out.”
McCallister said all of the new executive board, including herself, were the only candidates to run for the positions, making the races uncontested and that is rare for the group.'

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If the Ds become known eventually as The Women's Party, it'll be because they want it that way. But once their losses start becoming intolerable they'll start screaming bloody murder. Mark my words.

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