Esquire writer says cover for her "white, male" feature was "misleading"

Article here. Excerpt:

'Esquire magazine dropped the cover story for its March issue on Tuesday, and many people expressed their frustration with the 17-year-old boy profiled in the article. The author of the cover story, Jennifer Percy, says the presentation for her feature story was "misleading."

"The Life of an American Boy at 17" follows Ryan Morgan and, according to the cover, "what it's like to grow up white, middle class, and male in the era of social media, school shootings, toxic masculinity, #MeToo, and a divided country." 

In an email to CBS News, Percy wrote the "article shows how much work we still have to do to educate boys about inherited white male privilege. It also shows that the teenage years are an ideal time to make change."
While the profile of Morgan is just part one in a series growing up in America today, many felt the magazine missed the mark in choosing the "typical American boy." Others felt the magazine was sympathizing with white men and "what they have to go through" in today's political climate.'

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There is perhaps no more-despised class of person in America by ppl not like them than teenage white boys. I mean, they are practically hunted for bounties.

Of course the more they're persecuted, the more intense the counter-reaction from them will be. American anti-male/anti-white social mores are simply loading the proverbial gun that will later be used against them. Wait until this generation of boys hit their 30s and the effects wear off.

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how about fake school shootings? I watched sandy hook all morning. it was a joke. 20 6 yo children lay on the ground w/o med attention for over an hour? they didn't allow any ambulances past the road block to get anywhere near the school for over an hour. no stat nothing. 26 people down and medevac wasn't even called. then there was the problem of no evacuation of the alleged 500 k-4 children still inside the school. i watched (chopper news) from the beginning (about 09:40 am (est)) until lunch, nonstop, and no child was ever seen anywhere near the school. it took me almost a week to find out the evacuation hundreds of yards down the only road in/out supposedly took place about 10:04 am. it didn't. hundreds of cameras on site and no video exists of this historic evacuation? yeah. I believe. guys, these people really want not just your guns, they want the long guns mostly. this 20 yo 112 lb, 6' tall handicapped kid supposedly carried about 1/3 his wt in guns (3), gear and ammo through a blown out window and proceeded to hit just about everything he was shooting at, wearing a ski mask according to a kid who allegedly saw him. this shaky kid fired w/ the hit/miss ratio of a trained seal. the pix show an elementary school full of no x-mas, on 12/14/12. everything about the school was completely destroyed. when we started investigating the lanza house they destroyed that too. wrecking crews had to sign non-disclosure agreements. when questioned cops didn't know hazmat crews were required to clean up massive blood sites. the school was contaminated w/ asbestos, lead and pcb's. parking lot w/ no handicapped (h/c) striping (blue) or signage anywhere. restrooms had no h/c mods either. roof was in really bad shape. immediate chase up in the woods caught a man/men, as shown on video, who was never explained. ots witness said he was wearing tactical gear and was seated in the front of a police car and was later released. the get-a-way car never had any lanza dna in it. it was left w/ all the doors open and w/ sweat shirts strewn about it. guess lanza felt overdressed. btw, the car did belonged to some x-con not even related to the crime. it was doubtful lanza could even drive. he had a muscle control disease. the back hallways of the school had high water lines down the filthy hallways. almost all the rooms shown in police pix showed boxes of books/junk piled up 6' high in almost every room, over very small children? it was a storage school. can list almost a hundrend things wrong w/ this so called 'school shooting'. btw, u tube has deleted every site that points out the problems w/ sandy hook. facebook has followed suit, as has twitter. we are being censored from telling the truth about the left's agenda. next time they get a fraud in power we will not be allowed to tell the truth about their tyranny. the pieces are already in place. 20 children w/o med attention for over an hour and the only people sued are those trying to tell the truth? no media coverage AT ALL of this obvious hoax? no questioning even allowed? folks, we are in deep chit!

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What I find very telling is how an article which was meant to make teenage white males look bad ended up looking like it was being sympathetic towards them. It just goes to show that the anti-white, anti-male, political left is really grasping at straws now.

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