Lawsuit seeks to force all-male fraternities at Yale to allow women

Article here. Excerpt:

'A class-action lawsuit filed Tuesday by three women who attend Yale University seeks to ban the school's all-male fraternities from considering gender in admission decisions.

The lawsuit, filed in federal court in Connecticut against Yale University and nine fraternities, is brought by students who allege sexual assault, harassment and discrimination plague the fraternities. The plaintiffs' lawyers say they believe it is the first time students have sued a university to "gender integrate" fraternities.

The three students say they have been groped at fraternity parties and know other students who were either sexually assaulted or harassed at the parties. They also allege that fraternities unfairly provide male students greater networking opportunities than sororities provide to female students.'

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In the 70s a wave of co-ed-ification of fraternities overcame college campuses. Even after frat chapters voted to go co-ed in a few years, they reverted.

It really doesn't work out very well. Besides, if being around guys is so bad, why do these girls want to join the grope-trust as they seem to think frats are? Wouldn't you want to get AWAY from the Place of Groping if you didn't like it?

As for connections... I was in a frat in college. Hasn't done squat for me career-wise.

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