Top CERN Scientist Suspended for Presentation That Argued There Is No Sexism in Physics

Article here. Excerpt:

'The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), one of the leading physics research institutions in the world, suspended one of its physicists on Monday after he gave a sexist talk at the organization’s first ever “High Energy Theory and Gender” conference last weekend.

Last Friday, Alessandro Strumia, a research associate at CERN, gave a talk at the conference that was later described as a “Damore-esque manifesto against women in STEM” by Jessica Wade, a physicist at Imperial College London widely known for her efforts to increase diversity in scientific fields. The reference is to James Damore, a senior software engineer who was fired from Google last year after he circulated a memo that argued men were biologically better suited to software development.

In a copy of Strumia’s presentation seen by Motherboard, Strumia frames his presentation as an effort to get to the bottom of the “mainstream” and “conservative” positions about gender equality in physics and science more generally. Strumia framed his presentation as an attempt to “use data to see what is right.”

A number of slides show what Strumia described as data about the percentage of women in different fields, sexism in citations, sexism at conferences, and gender asymmetry in hirings. These data items conflict with a number of other studies that point to rampant discrimination in STEM, however. For example, a study published earlier this year by Pew Research found that nearly half of women in STEM say sexual harassment is a problem and that they have experienced some form of discrimination.'

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... are like politics and religion. They don't mix well.

Hitler suppressed research by Jewish physicists. He deported or murdered them. Consequently Germany fell behind in science, most notably in weapons research. Not too surprisingly, by discarding scientists for reasons having nothing to do with their research product, they did themselves in. The US invented the atomic bomb first. But by that time it didn't matter in re Germany; they were already defeated. Possibly they would have had a nuclear bomb by 1944 had they not chased off or murdered half their brain trust and we'd be living in Man In The High Castle instead of watching it on Amazon Prime.

Lesson to be learned: discarding or suppressing a scientist's progress because of irrelevant things like his political or social issue opinions leads to bad outcomes for everyone.

One reason the Middle Ages were aka the Dark Ages was because anyone whose opinions challenged Catholic orthodoxy was persecuted in any number of ways, including death, imprisonment, banishment, etc. A fair number of people could easily see that the Earth circled the sun and not vice versa, yet to say so was either unwise or the last thing you were likely to say about the solar system for some time once the ecclesiastical authorities got wind of it.

Seems CERN is back-sliding into a less glorious pattern.

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politics determining what science says and where it goes. I often study ancient cultures as it relates to my profession. their construction methods, their use of water, and so forth. quickly after starting my research I ran head on into censored science, as in d.n.a. coverups. on u.t. I saw some scientists investigating the d.n.a. of some 150 (more or less) inhabitants of central fla., the bog people. they lived about 7,000 - 9,000 years ago and buried their dead for hundreds, maybe thousands of years under the marsh waters that have perfectly neutral Ph waters. these neutral waters led to a mummification where a large portion of these people still had intact brain matter. I still remember the scientist describing how he marveled when test after test came back European. they also found excellent examples of advanced textile weave. a world renowned expert was brought in and I distinctly remember him marveling about the most advanced textiles anywhere in the world for this time period. from what I was able to glean (this dig was mid 80's) the site was immediately ordered shut down, and all funding pulled. you see, the indian tribes have a recent treaty w/ the u.s. giving them ownership of all pre-Columbus finds. the d.n.a. was then called 'contaminated' by the on-site Caucasians and sent off for further study. same type thing happened w/ the 'kennewick man', found in wash. state. locals told me online that the c.o.e. was ordered to seize the Kennewick man from the forensic scientist who found him. 7 scientists had to fight in court just to be able to get another look at the find. the f.s. (coroner) who found him immediately recognized the skull as belonging to a Caucasian. he was about 11,000 y.o. the treaty w/ the indian nations allows them to take any ancient finds and bury them in secret places. they use their religion as an excuse for the remains not to be tested. very convenient. I later heard from locals that the site was pretty much destroyed by our gov. I suspect this treaty came into existence because of the varied finds being made. you see, there is a lot of $$ being made for being called the 'first people' (tax free casinos). I have also heard a dr. from the Smithsonian (u.t. video of scientific presentation) tell how the whole east coast is covered w/ tools and weapons made using European tech. these tools/weapons are around 10-12,000 y.o., and possibly older. the science (marine based) of the Mongolian immigrants is diff from the euro type. there are more of these in one area around one area of virginia than have been found in the entire area west of the rockies. pretty obvious there were European settlements all along the east coast long before the receding ice allowed serious immigration from the n.w.
however, last I heard you won't see any of this taught in school text books. its being censored.

above is just one example of some of the 'settled science' we are not allowed to know. it is present wherever you do serious inquiry. of course, w/ the 'dumbing down' of the schools and affirmative action, what smart person doesn't already see it happening? imho, the shaming of those who don't agree w/ the poor research we see in the man made global warming debate is an obvious clue as to what type politics is involved.

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