Canada: Court says ‘pedophilia does not apply’ — because perpetrator is a woman

Article here. Excerpt:

'Caldwell accepted Pearce’s conclusion that McEwen derived sexual arousal not from acts committed against children but from the “extreme humiliation” of her involvement in those acts, which fed her masochism, described as on the moderately severe end.

The judge wrote (and read aloud in court): “Dr. Pearce testified that the current research suggests that women do not suffer from paraphilic disorders apart from masochism. This fact lends further weight to the conclusion that pedophilia does not apply to you.”

Crown Attorney Lisa Henderson, the judge noted, had “rigorously challenged” Pearce on this assertion.

“(I) agree that at first blush it appears illogical that women do not suffer from other paraphilic disorders,” Caldwell continued. “Sometimes, however, that which appears reasonable is anything but and vice versa. I accept the doctor’s evidence on this point. He did agree that this conclusion might change in the future as psychiatry continues to develop, but I cannot base my conclusions on speculative potential that have yet to develop.”

But that’s the problem.

It is not absolutely conclusive that women can’t be pedophiles.

There are numerous instances of women sexually assaulting children, albeit most often at the direction — many have claimed coercion — of a male partner.'

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... drs. are set to Rx visits to the museum for mental health problems.

What, there's a problem with NHS getting anti-deps to Canadians?

"Like, I just went to the doctor eh and like I said I was ready to like shoot myself and he like told me to go to a museum, eh?"

The foregoing was very bad of me and I apologize for my despicable indulgence in nationalistic stereotyping. I do declare however that Americans and Canadians busting each other's balls over shit is a multi-century tradition and further that Canadians give as good as they get.

Just sayin'.

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