Home Paternity Testing Kits Selling Fast

frank h sent me this story from the National Post. It's about the increasing sales of home DNA "paternity testing kits" in which tiny samples of genetic material are collected from the father and child and sent to a lab for testing. The company can then establish with certainty the paternity of the child. "although the test was aimed at men, the firm had been surprised at the number of women applying to find out who was the father of their baby...[The lab's director said]:"We make it clear that it's better if all parties are informed, but we do not insist."" This, to me, is what I find most disturbing. Genetic testing without consent seems very much like a violation of privacy rights to me. Source: The National Post [newspaper]

Title: Business booming for mail-order paternity test

Author: Michael Leidig

Date: June 25, 2001

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