An Interesting Difference of Opinion

Trudy W Schuett writes "I noticed kind of an interesting difference of opinion in these two articles - The Seattle Times: ""Do women batter? Sure, but not very often," said Bonnie Campbell, who headed the federal Violence Against Women office under President Clinton. "The more success we have as a society in highlighting violence against women, the more of a backlash we get," she said. "I view a lot of this talk about battered men as a significant part of the backlash."" The Irish Times: "Women are more likely than men to perpetrate domestic violence, according to new research on Irish couples who seek marriage counseling. The report, published yesterday, also found that domestic violence was one of the less important factors in marriage breakdown in the largely middle-class group studied." I wonder what the Irish know that Americans don't? From what I've heard lately, it seems the Irish are beginning to address DV as a non-gender issue, so maybe it bodes well for us Yanks!"

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