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Chad from the Men's Movement Connection writes, "On June 12th 2001, Mr. Bill O' Reilly had the pleasure to have a discussion on the rights of fathers. The discussion took place on "The O' Reilly Factor" on the Fox News Channel. His guest was Mr. Jeffrey Leving, author of the book, Father's Rights. O' Reilly revealed (according to his statistics) that 50% of all fathers are denied visitation to their children, and on top of that, only 12% of
fathers see their children, and only once a month. However, Mr. O' Reilly's took the narrow-minded view that it was the father's fault and not the courts or the government. And he went on to say that, "If it is not possible (to see them), don't have them." And on top of all of this O' Reilly seemed to not let his guest explain any of the issues. If you would like to write Bill O' Reilly the email address is

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