Fund Raising Fraud in Your Community

Trudy W Schuett writes "A hint for some of us activists from Sam and Bunny Sewell: Recently we have been sending
the below notice to City Councilmen, County Commissioners, law enforcement agencies,
churches, etc. We access a women's shelter web page in Anytown, USA. If that web page
contains the usual lies, we start bombarding community leaders with this short note. We
are not sure how much good it does, but boy do people respond!
" Click "Read More" below for the notice.
Fund raising fraud in your community

You do not know us. We are clergy from Naples, Florida who are also marriage and family
counselors. As part of our research on family violence we discovered a web page for an
organization in your community, The Family Refuge Center. . We thought it was appropriate to alert you that
this family violence web page is a scam.

When we read their web page it seemed more like a front for the anti-marriage,
anti-family feminists. Their message is blatantly sexist. They have misrepresented the
truth about family violence. If they are raising funds by distorting the truth, they are
subject to charges of fund raising fraud.

We publish a report on the Internet that contains a family violence bibliography, which
clearly demonstrates that gender advocates have severely distorted this issue. The
aggregate sample size in the reviewed studies exceeds 70,000. ( ©Martin S. Fiebert,
Ph.D. )

The year 2001 edition of the Family Violence Report from Family Resources and Research
has been released. It may be quoted, linked and copied without further permission. The
Internet version is available at: self/Family-Violence.htm

Also included is an article written by Sally L. Satel, M.D., about the dangers of
present family violence policy. Dr. Satel is a psychiatrist at the Yale School of

Reverends Sam and Bunny Sewell

Family Resources and Research

11216 Tamiami Trail North

Naples, FL 34110"

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