N.O.W. Fabricated Budget, Membership Levels

Insight Magazine reports that the National Organization of Women has been lying about its annual budget and membership levels. A N.O.W. chapter from Virginia requested the IRS non-profit documents of the national group and found that while N.O.W. has claimed it has an annual budget of $10 million, the budget has been under $5 million in the past few years. Furthermore, its claimed membership of over 250,000 is also inaccurate. What I found most interesting is that the salary of Patricia Ireland was disclosed: "The filings suggest that NOW's top leaders enjoy pretty good incomes and lifestyles. The salaries of the top five, including Ireland, are at the level of Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan. Ireland receives $143,252 for a 34-hour workweek. All five top officers also receive generous expense accounts and travel allowances." Source: Insight [magazine]

Title: NOW's Membership and Budget Are Grossly Overinflated

Author: Unknown

Date: May 28, 2001

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