CA Court: Father with No Parental Rights Exempted from Child Support

The L.A. Times printed this story about a recent California court case which has ruled that biological fathers who have terminated their parental rights cannot be held liable for child support. Previously, even when a child was adopted, the bio dad could still be required to pay child support. "attorney...Patrick Reardon...said it is illogical for a father to have an obligation to support his son but be denied the right to visit him." Finally I see a court case which sees fathers as something other than a wallet! Perhaps this could also set a precedent that fathers paying child support have an intrinsic right to visit their children, and that violation of this right puts child support obligations in jeapordy?Source: L.A. Times [newspaper]

Title: Parent Who Lost Rights Need Not Pay Support

Author: Anna Gorman

Date: May 13, 2001

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