In a Slumping Ad Market, Men's Magazine Thrives

Nightmist writes "Regardless of your opinion of Playboy, I found this article on Excite interesting. Increasingly, advertising agencies have been marketing directly to women and pretty much ignoring men. Now, with advertising in a general slump and the economy going downhill, marketing directed at men (at least for this magazine) is thriving, while other publications are suffering from dramatically slashed customer ad budgets. The news is proof to me that men, contrary to recent convention, should not be ignored by ad agencies as important consumers, and that marketing to men works just as well as marketing to women. There is, however, a new disturbing trend in marketing toward men. Has anyone seen the new Rogaine commercials for men? They encourage us to "ask her if she wants you to use it." If I want to use Rogaine, shouldn't that be MY decision?"

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