LA Commission for Men Campaign Makes The News

Marc Angelucci writes "The editor of the Pasadena Star News wrote about NCFM's Campaign for a Commission for Men in Los Angeles County. Although the article ends with some half-hearted sympathy, it mostly ridicules the idea that men are in "crisis" and compares the campaign to one for "White" people. You can read it here. I wrote a response (click "Read More" to view it). Others can do the same by using the "write a letter" section on the website."
Dear Pasadena Star News:

Editor Larry Wilson should do some research before ridiculing my organization for claiming men are in a state of crisis. ("Comedy's Not In Ommissions," 5/5/01).

By doing so, he also ridicules the seventy two members of Congress who have thus far agreed that "There is a silent health crisis affecting the health and well-being of America's men," and have therefore endorsed House Resolution 632 - the Men's Health Act.

The New Hampshire Committee on the Status of Men similarly found men to be in a "silent health crisis" while the Georgia Commission on Men's Health found men to be in a "serious state of decay."

But Mr. Wilson knows best. He thinks it's all funny and calls me a whiner for seeking a Commission for Men in Los Angeles County.

Mr. Wilson even compares the plight of males to the plight of White people. Never mind that men make 85% of homeless, 94% of occupational deaths, 90% of prisoners and 65% of dropouts (disparities that persist within each race), or that men die six years younger than women and have higher mortality rates for each of the top ten leading causes of death, none of which can be said about White people.

In addition to ridiculing 72 members of Congress, Mr. Wilson is also ridiculing several dozen community leaders, including professors, doctors and mental health professionals, many from the African American community, who have signed on to our petition for a Commission for Men.

Incidentally, if Mr. Wilson were to develop prostate cancer, would he find it funny that the federal government spends more than four times the amount on breast cancer research than prostate cancer research even though they boh kill about the same number every year?

Marc Angelucci, Esq.
National Coalition of Free Men"

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