Editorial on MA Paternity Fraud Case: Keep Paying, Chump

Jim Castelli submitted this link to Jeff Jacoby's Boston Globe editorial and writes, "Jacoby reacts to the MA Supreme Court's decision forcing a young man to support a child he has been deceived into believing was his. Mr. Jacoby writes: "And what burden, you might wonder, does the law place on women? A burden to tell the truth when asked to identify a child's father? A burden not to trick a young man into forfeiting tens of thousands of dollars that he doesn't owe? A burden not to deceive the courts? Nope, none of the above. To judge from the court's opinion, a woman like Cheryl's mother is under no obligation at all....In the court's view he is not a wronged man with a compelling plea for relief. He is an ATM machine.""Source: The Boston Globe [newspaper]

Title: SJC to paternity victim: Keep paying, chump

Author: Jeff Jacoby

Date: April 30, 2001

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