Jennifer Lopez, Porn, and the Hypocrisy of Equality

Elliot Zaret from TheGuyCode sent me a link to this article, which is superb. It discusses the hypocrisy of female stars, such as Jennifer Lopez, who complain about the way women are portrayed in film but then "flaunt their stuff" when it is to their advantage. The article is also interesting in that it is laid out as a dialogue between himself and Lisa Napoli, the co-author, with each side giving their own take on the issue. Both agree that women's sexual power is a very real force and one that isn't recognized as such these days. It's a great read. Source: The Guy Code

Title: Jennifer Lopez, Porn, and the Hypocrisy of Equality

Author: Lisa Napoli and Elliot Zaret

Date: April 26, 2001

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