Men Deserve To Live - Round 3

Ed Bartlett from Men's Health America has distributed the announcement for "Round 3" of the action plan to get the Men's Health Act of 2000 passed by Congress. Please click "Read More..." below to see what you can do this week for the cause of men's health in America.


Last week we asked you to write a letter to your Representative to
become a co-sponsor to Men's Health Act of 2000, H.R. 4653. (If you
didn't get to it yet, please send it now. Address: US House of
Representatives, Washington, DC 20515)

Last week, we were heard. THIS WEEK, WE WILL BE REMEMBERED. This is
the plan:

1. Get your Representative's phone number. If you don't have their
number, call the Congressional switchboard at 202-224-3121, and they
will give it to you.

2. Call your Representative's office and ask for the name of the
Health Legislative Aide (LA). LAs are hard-working folks who try to
make themselves accessible to constituents (after all, this is an
election year!).

3. Request to speak with the Health LA. The purpose of your call is
to follow-up on your letter, and to again ask the Representative's
support to co-sponsor Rep. Cunningham's bill.

4. Be unfailingly courteous and helpful. Near the end of your
conversation, you may want to politely say, "Thousands of elections
in November will be decided by the male vote, and you hope the
Representative will show their concern about the fact that men die 6
years sooner than women." Thank the LA for his/her assistance.

5. Make a note of this person's name, because you will be in contact
with this person the week of Aug. 7.

OK, go for it!

Ed Bartlett

Men's Health America


A Reminder - Our Game Plan:


July 3: Read the bill, which can be found at

July 10: Write letters of support to your Representative and Senators

July 14: Make follow-up phone call

July 24: Contact local media


August 1: Continue efforts with local media

August 7: Call to schedule meeting during the upcoming Congressional
Summer District Work Period, July 31-Sept. 5

August 14: Make phone calls to Legislative Aides of elected officials

August 21: Contact the persons running for office in your district -
ask about the candidate's position on men's health, and ask for their
support of the Men's Health Bill

July 28: Summer District Work Period (July 31-Sept. 5) - meet with
your Representative or Senator in their home office


September 4: Write a second letter to your elected officials

September 11: Contact friends, family, and co-workers and ask for
their support

September 18: Attend a campaign rally - ask about the candidate's
position on men's health

September 25: Distribute flyer on men's health to local libraries,
community centers, and clinics


Final push - whatever it takes to get the job done

October 6: Target adjournment of Congress

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