A Major Inroad on CBS "48 Hours"

Bill Kuhl submitted comments on last night's CBS 48 Hours program, which confronted the issue of domestic violence against men in a fair manner. This is something to write positive letters in to reinforce the airing of this important issue. Click "Read More" below to view Bill's comments...Kudos, kudos, kudos to CBS' "48 Hours." A major
inroad was made during their March 5th telecast. The
entire one hour newsmagazine was devoted to domestic
violence. There were a few segments on women who had
been beaten, plus a segment on male batterers and a
treatment program in which they participate. The show
seemed to have a slight anti-male bias until about
midway through the program when a male victim of
domestic violence was featured. This segment lasted
nearly 10 minutes and not only clearly acknowledged
the existence of the problem of domestic violence
against men but also went into some of the dynamics.
In addition, the segment cemented the picture of this
particular female perpetrator as a very seriously
violent person, not merely an irritated wife in a
tiff, by interviewing her two sons. Both expressed
that they were fearful of the mother and afraid for
their father as well. Seems she had attacked her
husband and one of the sons with a knife in separate
incidences - along with threatening her husband with a
shotgun. Again, let's hear it for CBS; this is the
first time I have ever seen a prime time, major
network TV show making a serious attempt to expose the
problem of domestic violence against men.


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