Jane Fonda in the News

Jim Castelli submitted this link from the Boston Globe and writes, "Jane Fonda continues the egocentric ways that have endeared her to millions of men since the Vietnam War. Contributing $12.5 million dollars to Harvard to create a center on gender education, Ms. Fonda asserts that for too long "she had fashioned her opinions and image to make men happy" because of her low self esteem. Anyone who remembers "Hanoi Jane" from the Vietnam War will have a difficult time accepting her argument. Anyone who has the temerity to go to North Vietam during the height of the Vietnam War and essentially thumb her nose at her country and all the men who were dying in Vietnam is not motivated by a desire to please men. Ms. Fonda now as always suffers from an ego that expects men to worship her beauty and her opinions without question. From Barbarella, to Vietnam, to her fitness videos, to her marriage to Ted Turner, Ms Fonda suffers not from low self esteem but from an exagerrated view of her own importance."Source: The Boston Globe [newspaper]

Title: Making over an image

Author: Patrick Healy

Date: March 3, 2001

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