Kathleen Parker on Paternity Fraud

Kathleen Parker wrote a column for Town Hall which discusses the uncomfortable subject of paternity fraud. A man from Georgia has been trying to get a law passed that would allow victims of paternity fraud to absolve themselves of child support and relations with the child, if desired, and give fathers who dispute their paternity the legal right to having a DNA test. Parker's sympathy for both men and children in cases such as this is well balanced: "How can you suddenly stop loving a child for whom you've always been Dad? How can you abandon a child who needs you? These are tough questions and prompt emotions that interfere with one's usual impulse to fairness. But fair is fair, and the truth looks like this: The mother who lies about paternity is guilty of fraud and deserves condemnation at least equal to what we assign fathers who abandon their children. In no other imaginable scenario, meanwhile, do we punish victims of a false allegations."

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