Child Support and Father Access

In part two of Arndt's series on male reproductive rights and the family courts, Arndt discusses the problems of getting access to one's children with a vindictive mother, and how blatantly obvious many women are in using the father for child support rather than for being a father. Acknowledgment is made of the unreasonable financial burden that child support can sometimes cause, and also stresses that many men still want access and are willing to pay support for children that aren't theirs. "It is all very well to say men shouldn't worry whether the children are theirs - but when they are confronted by a child-care system where men are required to pay far more than the actual costs of children and get little or no relief for costs of contact, you can hardly expect them to pay for children that are not theirs. Most step-parents value the relationship with their children and would be happy to pay to support them - provided it was a fair amount."Source: Sydney Morning Herald [Australian newspaper]

Title: Father's choice

Author: Bettina Arndt

Date: February 19, 2001

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