Australian Man Sues Ex-Wife for Paternity Fraud, Pain and Suffering

Not PC submitted a link to this story from the Australian The Advertiser. It mentions that a man is suing his ex-wife for $400k after DNA tests showed that he is not the father of the two children he has paid child support for the past eight years. The man says he suffered "severe anxiety and depression" from the finding, and who can blame him? When such a fundamental fact of life such as the paternity of your children and fidelity of your wife are taken for granted for so long, pain and suffering must certainly result. But no doubt he will be mocked and disbelieved for his suffering. There is little compassion for fathers and men these days. Source: The Advertiser [Australian newspaper]

Title: Husband in $400,000 lawsuit over DNA tests

Author: Mark Dunn

Date: February 20, 2001

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