A Living Nightmare: One Man Tells His Story of Domestic Violence and Betrayal

krob4399 submitted his personal account of being abused by his wife and the brainwashing done to him when he was forcefully committed to a mental institution. Apparently, they tried to make him think the abuse happened in his childhood rather than in his marriage. A chilling account of a worst-case scenario of domestic violence. Click below to read his story...krob4399 writes "I have not been able to say what I needed to say because of my emotional pain. No one ever listened to me
when I was able to say it and they did not believe me when I blurted something out. This seems to be a place where I can say
what I have needed to say. Dr. Lemuel O. Granada, his subordinate - Phyllis Denton, Judge Fred T. Hensley - all of Clovis, NM
and Dr. Samir Roy (now disbarred) of Albuquerque, NM should have protected me from the predatory family (my therapist, Dr.
Eastin's term) when they tortured me. Instead, Dr. Granada, Phyllis Denton, Judge Hensley and Dr. Roy aided and abetted the
predatory family in their torture of me by refusing to hear my side of the story from my sisters, friends and me.

I was forced under
an illegally issued court order and by them administering illegally prescribed psychotropic medicines and street drugs to me, to
be brainwashed into believing that I am insane and the abuse took place in my childhood instead of in my marriage. A nurse
who knew these same people and also knew that they had done this to other men, came to my rescue after Dr. Roy was disbarred
for other crimes. This nurse is the woman I had been engaged to be married to when I was forced to marry my ex-wife. I was
forced to marry because I was studying to become a gospel minister and her family wanted the prestige of having a preacher in
their family. In addition, the predatory family claims to be friends with Judge Hensley and it is true that he and his father who
was also a judge signed all the orders to commit the other men and me to various institutions to be brainwashed as I described
above. We all grew up together in Portales, NM so it is very likely they were friends with the judge. In most cases, the same doctors
were used to accomplish this brainwashing. My symptoms of the fatigue and pain from post polio syndrome (PPS) were given as
symptoms of three different "mental illnesses" in order to "legalize" the commitment. Test results that were ordered by Dr. Roy
show that I did not have a mental illness and my present doctors who have permanently discharged me from all mental health
treatment are repulsed that Dr. Roy never released me from that treatment when the test results came in. According to the court
order that prescribed a minimum of thirty days in the hospital, Dr. Roy could not have released me, but my doctors say he was
ethically obligated to release me upon seeing the test results. New Mexico laws specify that a person must be a danger to himself
and/or others in order to be committed. I could not have been dangerous because at the time I was committed, I was recovering
from emergency major surgery that I'm sure was the result of the last beating I got from the predatory family. Further, it is
believed that a PPS patient cannot panic or go berserk because of the damage that polio does to our brain activation center.

wife divorced me immediately after she committed me and she was able to keep all I had, which was over one million dollars in
assets, rental income, and the earnings from the job I lost as a result. She then married her boss. I never found an attorney
willing to discuss this with me except that two of them told me it is a feminist thing and I would never win so they could not
afford to take it on a contingency. They went on to explain that if the same thing had happened to a woman, it would be
international news. That is NOT equal protection under the law. For several generations, the predatory family has chosen one
male out of its generation to torture, commit to an institution and plunder his property when they, not a doctor, declared the men
to be insane. One of my doctors said that the men are committed in order to discredit their character and word so that no one
will believe them if the truth comes out about the torture. By my observation, the predatory family is becoming increasingly brutal,
savage and they are committing more men. They are mentally and emotionally abusive to all men and they consider the abuse to
be beneficial to our masculinity. I was constantly abused, tortured, harassed and belittled after I made the decision that I could
not preach and be in that marriage. I knew they would murder me if I left her and Dr. Eastin believes they will anyway if this gets
out about the men they have tortured. It must get out though because the abuse of all men must be stopped. Most of this happened
during the time my(?) sons were growing up. Now that they are grown, they hate me with a bitter hatred and neither has had
anything to do with me for some time.

I am a male victim of spousal abuse but society does not accept that. As a result, the
system also battered me after my wife got finished with me. For the sake of my grandchildren who are being taught to do this to
other men, and for the sake of future generations, please help to get this torture stopped. Thank you for hearing my side of the story
just as the judge and doctors should have."

Kenneth Robertson


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