"Men Deserve to Live" Action Plan

Edward Bartlett from Men's Health America has drawn up an action plan to get Rep. Randy Cunningham's Men's Health Act of 2000 passed. Click "Read More..." below to read the action plan and find out how to sign up to receive action updates via e-mail. As Ed puts it, It's incredibly important that we get this bill passed, for one simple reason: Men Deserve to Live.Two weeks ago, Rep. Randy Cunningham proposed a bill to establish an
Office of Men's Health. This Office will jump-start the whole men's
health movement.

It's incredibly important that we get this bill passed, for one
simple reason: Men Deserve to Live.

We have established a group of 18 local men's/fatherhood
organizations who will be spearheading this effort at the local level
(if your group isn't involved yet, let me know, and I'll add you to

Every week between now and Oct. 6 (the projected adjournment of
Congress), I will be sending you an Action Alert. I'm listing the
Action Plan below.

So let's get cranked up to make the Office of Men's Health a reality!
And if you have any other suggestions how to move this forward, feel
free to e-mail me at eba@intr.net.


Men Deserve to Live - Action Plan:


Week 1: Read the bill and become familiar with men's health issues;
get names, addresses, phone numbers, faxes of elected officials and
health legislative assistant.

Week 2: Write letters of support - Representative and Senators.

Week 3: Fax letter of support.

Week 4: Contact local media.


Week 1: MHA on vacation.

Week 2: Call to schedule meeting during the upcoming Congressional.

Summer District Work Period, July 31-Sept. 5.

Week 3: Make phone calls to Legislative Aides of elected officials.

Week 4: Contact the persons running for office in your district - ask
about the candidate's position on men's health, and ask for their
support of the Men's Health Bill.

Week 1: Summer District Work Period - meet with your Representative
or Senator in their home office.

Week 2: Contact friends, family, and co-workers who are interested in
health or men's/fatherhood issues - ask for their support.

Week 3: Attend a campaign rally - ask about the candidate's position
on men's health.

Week 4: Distribute flyer on men's health to local libraries and


Final push - Whatever it takes to get the job done.

Ed Bartlett is the senior policy advisor for Men's Health
America, which does research, education, and advocacy on
behalf of men's health.

To subscribe to Ed's e-mail list, mensheath, create an account at egroups.com and subscribe to the menshealth list. Ed will be sending out his action alerts via the list, which is very low traffic.

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