Montel Williams: A Public Ally Of Men?

Bill Kuhl wrote in about his thoughts regarding Montel Williams and his talk show. Bill believes that Williams has generally been an open minded and supportive public figure for men's issues by the way he handles gender on his program. I'm not too familiar with talk shows personally, but I don't recall ever hearing about pro-male issues (including Choice for Men) being discussed on any other TV talk shows (with one or two rare exceptions). Perhaps his program is targeted to more male viewers, which is probably a significant difference from other talk shows. Click "Read More" below to check out Bill's thoughts, and feel free to express your own opinions in the comment board for this story. Montel Williams: Public Ally?

It's quite possible that the men's movement has a very
reliable, consistent ally in Montel Williams of the
"Montel Williams Show." As noted in a
few days ago
, Williams will feature the author of
Abused Men: The Hidden Side of Domestic Violence
Philip Cook in a couple of weeks. On today's telecast,
January 9, the issue at hand was couples struggling
over just what kinds of health treatments their
children should or should not undergo. Early in the
show a wife and mother debating with her husband over
whether to immunize their daughter tried to bolster
her point of view by stating, "Usually the mom makes
the decisions on a lot of issues like that [that is,
health decisions for the child]." Williams immediately
countered with, "Woah! Woah! Let's not be so sexist
around here! ..... maybe that's the way it has been
but I think if 2 people create a child 2 people share
a right to make all the decisions about that child

Later, the show contained a segment on a couple
debating over whether their 7-month old son should be
circumcised. Kudos to Williams for helping bring this
controversial procedure to light! The mother, the one
opposed to circumcision in this case, referred to it
as "barbaric" and "unnecessary." Both sides of the
issue were brought out with a number of good points
being made by a pair of authorities in attendance.
I've consistently watched Williams' show for a few
years now. He has done shows on, or that at least
touch on, domestic violence by women, fathers' rights,
the controversy over sexual harassment and false
accusations against men by women. I can resolutely say
that Williams has a side of himself that is wholly
devoted to the rights and concerns of men and boys -
and he is not at all afraid to express this side. His
show is a good vehicle for getting men's and boys'
issues into the public spotlight. There are even some
television markets that run his show twice in one day
(the second time being in the wee hours of the
morning). I encourage you to make local television
affiliates that carry Williams' show aware of our
appreciation to them.

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