NOW Enforces Stricter Censorship

David Byron writes "The so-called discussion boards at NOW have realised they must censor and ban comments by non-feminists after several weeks of worrying about how censorship will hurt their public image. Without any announcement NOW has moved its discussion board to a new URL and has deleted many previous posts and threads at the same time placing many non-feminist posters on a banned list to prevent the truth about feminism getting out. Here is the old board and here is the new board.

The mass deletions, bannings and the move to a new URL were made secretly to prevent giving the impression that NOW supports censorship...." Please click "Read More" below to read the rest of his account of censorship......

Previously a NOW representative had admitted they would ban me to make sure the board remained feminist in content (ie they specifically admitted the reason for the ban would be political). At that time several hundred posts were deleted (including their own post where they had originally admitted the reasons for censorship), but I was not banned until the new board was created. Other posters who are not recognised as feminist enough have also mysteriously stopped posting, and several have complained.

I have tried to re-register for the NOW board to complain about the secretive censorship policy but I am blocked at the IP level from re-registering. I have no problem with feminist censorship if it is kept honest -- NOW are free to do as they like with their own boards -- but this method of pretending they are open to anyone is deceptive. If NOW cannot afford to debate the issues let them admit it openly!

The NOW board used to allow unregistered posts but now requires registration."

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