Work Choice And The Pay Gap

Jim Castelli writes, "In this Boston Globe article, attorney Donnalyn Kahn joins ranks of female lawyers "choosing" to leave the insane work demands of Boston law firms. Ms Kahn describes the "harassment" of women who "choose" to work less than 60/70 hours a week. Over the last 30 years we have heard of the gender pay gap where women supposedly earn a fraction of men's salaries. Perhaps the pay gap is the result of women "choosing" to forego the life-shortening demands of a career which expects the sacrifice of life for the benefits of money. The real harassment in Ms Kahn's former work place is not the policies that caused her to leave but the views of society that force men to stay. At a time when the gender life gap shows that women now outlive men by 7 years, the question of the effects of work demands on men needs to be addressed. When will men get the same choice as Ms. Kahn?"

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