'Stop Blaming Men' author refutes idea of 'toxic masculinity,' talks negative impact of media on manhoo

Article here. Excerpt:

'Amid negative media stories, shifting views on gender and the advent of new cultural terms like "toxic masculinity," certified life coach Michael Taylor is urging others to avoid placing the blame for society's ills on men.

Taylor, the author of "Stop Blaming Men for All the Problems," told Fox News Digital that he wants to dispel the idea that toxic masculinity exists.

"People confuse toxic masculinity with toxic behaviors," Taylor said. "So a man commits rape, domestic abuse, all those types of things. That's not toxic masculinity. That's a toxic behavior and I will assert that that behavior is the result of the man not being connected to his authentic masculinity."

In his view, authentic masculinity requires men to harness the tools and emotional awareness to avoid engaging in those types of toxic behaviors. According to Taylor, movies, music and other forms of mass media influence individual beliefs. It is, therefore, up to men to challenge them, he said.'

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