Feminist Double Standards

Article here. Excerpt:

'Feminists claim the sexes are identical. Feminists claim women require special consideration while men, society, workplaces, and schools make special accommodations for women so they could "catch up" to men. Feminists will claim women are identical to men. Feminists will claim women have unique needs. Which claim they make depends on the strategic goals of the moment. Feminism's not-quite-blank slate allows for women to have differences from men, but not evolutionarily-imbedded differences, only strategically and temporarily useful differences.

Women could do any job a man could do. Also, job requirements and workplaces must be changed to accommodate women. Women are as strong as men, but women suffered unique disadvantages due to previous exclusion or lack of accommodation.

Feminists reframed men's tendencies, interests and thought processes as inherently problematic, while women's tendencies, interests and thought processes deserved extra attention and respect in society, schools and workplaces.'

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