Teacher accused of having sex with female ex-student and tried to lure her into threesome with her husband loses her license

Article here. Currently she faces no criminal charges. Excerpt:

'A high school teacher has lost her license over accusations she had a long-running sexual relationship with a former female student.

Lindsay Amber Eileen Dolson had been teaching at an unnamed school in Canada at the time, during which she 'committed acts that, in all circumstances, would reasonably be regarded by members as disgraceful,' a discipline committee wrote.

They further branded her actions from about 2014 to 2015 to be both 'dishonorable or unprofessional,' and 'engaged in conduct unbecoming [of] a member [of the Ontario College of Teachers].'

The committee added she 'abused [the student] psychologically or emotionally' to the point where she was left suffering from 'adverse emotional and psychological effects'

According to a notice detailing how she was found guilty of misconduct, Dolson sent the student inappropriate messages about her 'sexual orientation, sexual preferences, and/or sexual history,' including having a threesome with her husband.'

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