Alabama college offers $75,000 in trade scholarships to women only

Article here. Excerpt:

'An Alabama college is offering $75,000 in scholarships for trade programs – but only to female students.

The goal “is to promote diversity, equity and inclusion in Gadsden State’s career technical programs,” according to a news release from the community college.

The list of “qualified programs,” include welding, construction technology, and civil engineering.

“This scholarship program is an initiative to get more women into manufacturing, construction, and transportation careers in order to help develop the workforce in our area,” Dean Alan Smith stated in the news release.

Smith did not respond to a voicemail on Monday that asked for comment on potential legal problems for the scholarship.

But Ed Barlett of SAVE Services said the program violates Title IX, a federal law that forbids discrimination on the basis of sex in higher education.

Gadsden State should either “discontinue the illegal program, or offer scholarships of a similar value to male students,” Bartlett told The Fix via email.

“Such illegal policies can be traced to Marxist ideology, which classifies men as ‘oppressors’ and women as ‘victims’, regardless of the fact that females now outnumber men in college enrollments,” Barlett told The Fix.'

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