Firestorm erupts over requiring women to sign up for military draft

Article here. Excerpt:

'But Senate Armed Services Committee Chair Jack Reed (D-R.I.) defended the proposed policy change, arguing that women can hold many warfighting positions without serving as front-line infantry troops.

“Women are doing a remarkable job in our forces today, and if we were in a situation requiring a draft, I think we would need all able-bodied citizens 18 and above,” he said.

“If we go to a draft, that means we’re in a serious, serious situation,” he added.

“It’s not like World War II where we need a lot of infantry. We need cyber experts, we need intelligence analysts, linguists, etc. Wait a second, there are a lot of women out there that can do this better than men,” he argued.'

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Not long after his term started, Biden convinced the SCOTUS to not rule on the NCFM lawsuit because he was going to "fix it" i.e. either require women to register just like men or abolish the requirement altogether. Well, we know how that went obviously. Hawley is really a POS, and so are the others that want either to exclude women or have them do non-combat jobs so only the men die. The DoD opened all MOS to women and so the old excuse - they couldn't serve in combat - is no longer valid. So either women register or no one does.

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