UK: Sexual harassment and sexism rife in schools, report finds

Article here. Excerpt:

'Sexual harassment and sexism is “rife” in schools, with support staff complaining of physical advances and lewd remarks, according to a new report.

Unison said its study showed that one in 10 female support staff in secondary schools revealed they have been sexually harassed, mainly by male pupils but also by male colleagues.

Responses from more than 2,000 employees across the UK working mostly in primary and secondary education, included teaching assistants, technicians, lunchtime supervisors and administrators, showed a number of incidents.

These included a male student trying to kiss a female worker and pushing her head into his crotch, boys trying to touch or slap a staff member’s bottom and a headteacher telling a female colleague to “stand here and look pretty, I’ll do the talking”.

Around one in seven school staff also reported they had witnessed sexual harassment in their workplace in the past five years.'


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