Platonic Marriages: Why Women Are Getting Hitched To Their Besties

Article here. Excerpt:

'In an era where traditional definitions of marriage and family are increasingly being challenged and redefined, a new trend is emerging: women are marrying each other not out of romantic love, but for practical and legal reasons, according to a recent article in the New York Times.

These unions, often formed between besties, offer a host of benefits—from legal protections and insurance benefits to shared responsibilities and mutual support at work functions. I was deeply curious about this phenomenon, as it is part of a deeper discussion happening between women around the topic, “Do we really need men?”

Women are not only evaluating the role and importance men pay in their lives, but they’ve started an all-out boycott in South Korea know as the 4B movement, which is essentially a rejection of men. Women who embrace the 4B movement are refusing heterosexual marriage, childbirth, dating, and heterosexual sexual relationships. So, if women are opting out of trad-wife life, what are they embracing? Marrying their best friends. Let’s explore the potential impact of a platonic marriage on women’s careers and finances, and compare it with “traditional” marriage stats.'

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