Women may be more resilient than men to stresses of spaceflight, says study

Article here. Excerpt:

'When faced with acid-dripping aliens, an untested machine that travels through wormholes, or a space station shattered by hurtling debris, it is the tough female astronaut who steps up to save the day.

And perhaps Hollywood is on to something. A major study into the impact of spaceflight suggests women may be more resilient than men to the stresses of space, and recover more quickly when they return to Earth.

The findings are preliminary, not least because so few female astronauts have been studied, but if the trend is confirmed, it could prove important for astronaut recovery programmes and selecting crews for future missions to the moon and beyond.'

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... humans evolved to live on Earth. Put us in outer space and we fall apart. On avg men might fall apart faster than women for whatever physiological reasons, but women fall apart, too.

Truth is, until we can replicate Earth gravity effectively and shield ourselves from cosmic and other kinds of radiation, we have no winning game plan for long-term space flight.

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