Editorial: Men, boys could use a little help to be better men

Article here. Excerpt:

'It’s not acknowledged often, but being a father isn’t an easy job. (Being a mother is no breezy task either, but tomorrow being Father’s Day, we’ll stick to that subject).

And that level of difficulty seems only to be increasing as pressures and expectations on men and boys are growing in complexity and consequence, and a range of advice and influence — some of it helpful, much of it counterproductive at best — pulls those with XY chromosomes in different directions.

Being a good father — and growing into and living as a good man — requires more thought, preparation and effort than manning the grill on weekends. More men and boys are struggling to make those efforts and find success in school, careers and their personal lives, even as girls and women for the most part appear to be coping better and finding success with modern life’s complexities and demands.'

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